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Life Lessons of 2019

As we come closer and closer to the ending of 2019 it appears that the time has come for us to make our yearly report of everything we have learned during the year.

With that in mind I am sharing with you the 6 life lessons that 2019 taught me.

1. Travelling is one of the best money investments you can ever make

Spending money on acquiring the necessary supplies for our everyday lives is such a tricky task. You must prioritize your needs for food, paying bills and clothing while going out falls at a secondary fate.

But what about traveling? Isn’t it a thing to include in your live?

It certainly is and it should be a part of everyone’s lives (at least how I see it). The importance of traveling is as great as that of books. We read books to educate ourselves in different topics while also dreaming away from our stressful routines.

Just like books, traveling helps you discover new places and different cultures, become more open-minded as well as making you relax. For all these reasons traveling is one of the best ways to invest your money in.

2. Being alone and being lonely are two entirelly different things

For the longest time I couldn’t decipher the true meaning of the words alone and lonely. I thought they were the same thing.

Recently I’ve found myself sitting in my computer at my student apartment, with scented candles lighted up and christmas music playing on the radio and enjoying my solo night after my college lectures were over.

Was I feeling lonely and miserable in my own company? I certainly wasn’t! Which led me to believe that being alone is a choice and doesn’t mean you lack friends and acquaintances. Only that you choose to spend some quality time with yourself for a set amount of time.

On the other hand, being lonely is something that you have little control of and can happen when you lack a social circle or when you feel that no one, even yourself, cannot be a good company.

3. Even a stranger can make you laugh and enjoy the moment

As an introverted person I’ve always struggled with my communication skills especially with people I wasn’t close to and when smalltalk was required.

But since I went to college I noticed a change in myself. The first two years helped me open up more to people I was acquainted to and not shy away from starting a conversation.

And guess what? I actually found myself cracking jokes and laughing with co-students out of my friend circle. Which led me to the conclusion that a lack of close friendship between two people doesn’t equal inability to have fun and ”enjoy the moment”.

4. Self-dates should become a part of your life

It may sound a bit strange but self-dates are the best gift one can give to themselves. Sure it is nice to hang out with friends, significant others and family members but why deprive this privilege from ourselves?

We should be able to go out and enjoy a cup of coffee at our favourite cafe, a movie at the local cinema or a meal at that cute Italian restaurant without shaming ourselves for ”enjoying our own company”.

After all it is our self which keep us company at the end of each day.

5. Falling In Love is the most delightful thing in the whole world

Love is the sweetest thing, as said by Al Bowlly’s 1932 song, and despite how cheesy that statement sounds it speaks the truth. Nothing can compare to the euphoria it brings to our lives.

All those goofy smiles and adorable eye contact moments warm your heart and fill you with pleasant feelings, while also connecting you more deeply to your significant other.

6. Break ups cause great emotional pain but help you learn yourself

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the decision of a couple to part ways. Whether mutual or based exclusively on one of the two lovers it still bears the same amount of pain for a beautiful bond being broken.

Crying and denial go hand in hand on the early stages of post-breakup period. But as those first clouds dissipate, we come to realise our mistakes (if any) which led the relationship to an end, as well as what we truly seek in a partner.

This introspection helps us understand our wrong choices in the previous relationship and define the kind of commited relationship that is appealing to our needs, which will help guide us to the type of partner capable of providing that.

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