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March Favourites 2020


Dance Monkey – Tones and I

This song has been popularized thanks to tik tok. And not without reason!

With a catchy melody and easily memorized lyrics it is impossible not to get up and dance…

Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime – The Korgis

What a sweet and romantic song from the 1980’s! I was completely unaware of this band’s existence but now I’m so glad to have found out about their work (and through a chocolate advertisment might I add)

La Vida Es Bella – Miguel Bose & Noa

When I discovered that this song was released in 2007 I was genuinely shocked! Those smooth, Spanish lyrics are a reminder of 1960’s melodies and not of a musical piece which was composed in the 21st century.


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

When I first heard about the love story of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy as a teenager I instantly disliked it (without even bothering to read a single page of the book).

But now, at my 21, I decided to give it a try in order to develop a more objective view on the matter. And I was mesmerized by what I’ve read!

Jane Austen manages to portray such a strong and tender love between the two protagonists, which doesn’t feel forced or fairy-like, that makes it entirely possible to find in our lives too.


Robin Hood (1991)

Robin of Locksley returns to England from Jerusalem with his Moor friend Azeem, where he witnesses the cruelty of the Sheriff of Notingham. He soon joins a band of oulaws hiding in Sherwood Forest and together they help aid the poor against the Sheriff’s tyranny.

Serial Bad Weddings 2 (2019)

Claude and Mary Verneuil, after reluctantly marrying their daughters off to men of different racial backgrounds in the first movie, cannnot accept that their sons-in-law want to move their families abroad. In a desperate plan to keep their daughters and grandkids close they try to grow their sons-in-law’s love for France.

Dragonheart: Vengeance (2020)

Inspired by the 1996 box office sucesss Dragonheart, this direct-to-video prequel follows female dragon Siveth who helps young farmer Lucas avenge his parent’s death.

Tv series

Vis a vis / Locked up (2015-2019)

Macarena Ferreiro is sent to jail after her employer/boyfriend makes her commit several tax crimes. Imprisoned in the Cruz del Sur prison as a precautionary measure with a very high bail set (which she cannot afford). Facing emotional shock and the complicating relationships with other inmates, with Zulema being the most dangerous among them, she must adapt in order to survive her seven-year sentence.

With several similarities to the American Orange is the New Black, Spanish ”Vis a Vis’‘ is a raw and far superior version.

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