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My Christmas Playlist

Can you believe that we are only 13 days away from Christmas? I certainly can’t…

In order to get in the holiday spirit what better way there is than listen to some Christmas songs?

So, with that thought in mind, I will share with you my very own Christmas playlist.

1. Last Christmas – Wham

My list starts with none other than George Michael’s iconic Last Christmas! A very 80s-vibed song filled with longing as well as hope. Bonus effect the incredible snowy landscapes of the music video which create the ideal Christmas setting.

2. All Alone on Christmas – Darlene Love

Darlene’s voice has that magical quality that gets you instantly in a festive mood whether you listen to her in June or December. In my opinion it is a classic Christmas song that deserves to be on top along with the ‘‘giants” like Last Christmas.

3. Merry Christmas – Bryan Adams

What makes this song special to me is the fact that it shows footage of a young Bryan Adams spending time with his family back in 1961. I think is really sweet of him to share his childhood memories with us as it helps connect us more to the song.

4. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews

Released in 1999 this memorable cover of Baby It’s Cold Outside stars Tom Jones as Lord of Hell trying to seduce an innocent Cerys Matthews. Their duet is among the best I’ve ever heard and, although not ”Christmassy”, it’s winter theme makes it perfect to listen while counting down the days to Christmas.

5. The Power of Love – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

If Christmas had to be summed up in a song this would be it. Everything from the music video that portrays the birth of Jesus to the lyrics that speak of love is a wonderful example of the true meaning of Christmas.

6. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Mel & Kim

This is the best version of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree and you can’t convince me otherwise! Between Mel’s light-hearted antics and Kim’s sarcastic remarks a typical 80s Christmas party takes place that is pure joy to watch.

7. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

Who would have thought that Justin Bieber could make my list? It was a surprise to me as well but this wholesome song deserves every bit of attention.

8. Christmas is All Around – Billy Mack

Love Actually is one of the greatest Christmas movies ever! And Billy Mack’s reinvented version of ”Love is All Around Me” by Wet Wet Wet adds a little rock to our beloved winter holiday.

9. What If – Kate Winslet

Last but definetely not least, is this beautiful ballad sung by the talented Kate Winslet. Although it’s lyrics aren’t Chrsitmas-related it was part of the 2001 ”Christmas Carol: The Movie” soundtrack and ties really well with the ordeal of Ebenezer Scrooge.

What are your favourite Christmas songs? Let me know in the comments below

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