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October Favourites 2019


Μέλλισες – Φωτεινή Βελεσιώτου

This is a 2008 Greek song that I discovered while watching Αγριες Μέλισσες (listed below). It talks about unrequited love and the pain and depseration that comes along with it. Although it is quite a sad song I became fond of it mainly for the lyrics.

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra

Another song that deals with a, not so lovely, side of love: betrayal Nancy Sinatra’s cover is one of the most popular and I loved it’s haunted melody that reminded me when my “own baby shot me down”.

In the Mood – The Glen Miller Orchestra

On a more cheerful note than the previous musical choices this 1940’s classic is the most popular big band-era hit of it’s time. A true gem that prompts you to swing along…

Tv Series

Άγριες Μέλισσες

This Greek dramatic television series takes place in the Greek countryside in 1958 and follows three orphaned sisters who must hide from the local community the fact they killed the elder’s husband on the couple’s wedding night, after he tried to rape the youngest sister. The acting, the costumes and the general feeling of the 1950’s agricultural life makes the series a must see.


Love Comes Softly

This Hallmark Christian television movie takes place in the 19th-century American West and follows young Marty Claridge who loses her husband on a riding accident. Pregnant and with no place to stay for the winter she accepts the marriage proposal of widower Clark Davis and moves in with him and his young daughter Missie. The relationship between the characters was so touching and the whole movie had an idyllic and hearwarming vibe to it that I greatly enjoyed.

Stationery Supplies


Being a college student equals endless stationery per academic year. So, as I was doing my semester stationery haul I came upon those beautiful notebooks in Jumbo and I couldn’t resist their aesthetic appeal…

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