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Rosita Quintana (Remarkable Women #34)

Early life

Trinidad Rosa Quintana Muñoz was born on July 16, 1925, in the Saavedra neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina to Arturo Quintana and Maria Antonia Muñoz.

Rosita wanted to become an actress since childhood and as a result her parents convinced her to get training in singing and acting in the conservatory of brothers Emilio and José De Caro.

Acting & Singing Career

In 1942, Rosita debuted as a tango vocalist at the Café Nacional in Buenos Aires. She performed in a revue by Carlos A. Petit and Rodolfo Sciammarella at the Teatro Casino, and in 1946, began a tour of Chile and Bolivia.

In Mexico, she signed a contract to perform for a month at El Patio, Mexico City’s top nightclub.

Her first record, “Bonita”, was released in 1949.

Between 1948-1960, Rosita participated in numerous Mexican films that gained her great recognition. Some of them include Calabacitas Tiernas (1949), Susana (1951) and El Mil Amores (1954).

In 1987, Rosita debuted on TV with the series La intrusa. In the following years, other series followed like Atrapada (1991), La Dueña (1995), El secreto de Alejandra (1997) & Abrázame muy fuerte (2000).

Personal & Later life

Rosita married Mexican film director and producer Sergio Kogan. They had a son, Nicolás, and an adopted daughter, Paloma. She described Kogan as “a great man”.

In 2001, Rosita announced her intention to write her autobiography, La otra verdad. She said: “I am surprised by the number of people I met, like Libertad Lamarque or Jorge Negrete, and I want all that to be in a book that I am trying to piece together little by little”.

However, in 2016, she wrote a newspaper article that said: “I once thought about writing my memoirs, but I never did. You know my life as an actress. My personal life is mine”.


  • Tender Pumpkins (1949)
  • Rough But Respectable (1949)
  • Yo quiero ser tonta (1950)
  • Susana (1951)
  • Women Who Work (1953)
  • El mil amores (1954)
  • The Price of Living (1954)
  • To the Four Winds (1955)
  • Serenata en México (1956)
  • ¡Cielito Lindo! (1957)
  • Cuando México canta (1958)
  • Club eutanasia (2005)


  • La intrusa (1987)
  • Atrapada (1991)
  • La Dueña (1995)
  • El secreto de Alejandra (1997)
  • Rencor apasionado (1998)
  • Abrázame muy fuerte (2000)
  • Peregrina (2005)


Rosita died in Mexico City on 23 August 2021, after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in her thyroid. 

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