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September Favourites 2020


Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot

I’m grateful to have discovered this lively and energetic song through one of my penpals on Slowly who kindly send it to me on one of his letters (check out my July favourites post to find out more about the Slowly app).

Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

This is the ultimate song for all those who found themselves being forgotten by the one person that cannot escape their thoughts.

Isn’t it Strange – Scissor Sisters

It’s no secret that the Shrek movies have amazing soundtracks which make the whole watching experience more enjoyable. This song is so cheerful and vibrant that it puts a smile on your face the moment you hear it.

Σαν Μαγεμένο το Μυαλό Μου – Gadjo Dilo

Τhis optimistic swing adaptation of the mostly sad old Greek rebetiko song of the same name has such a unique tone tha stands out in today’s musical industry.

Bar Το Ναυάγιο – Αρλέτα

This is a rather unusual musical choice but I adore it for the beautiful melody and the life advice spoken through the old patron at the bar of the song.

Περασμένες μου Αγάπες – The Swingin’ Cats

Another remarkable swing adaptation of an old Greek song (by accomplished singer Mary Linda and bouzouki-player Manolis Hiotis) performed by a talented band with an interesting name.

Θα Ξανάρθεις – Les Au Revoir

I was mesmerized by this song the moment I heard it. With a slightly melancholic air it speaks of a person’s need to convince oneself that his or her lover will come back eventually begging for forgiveness.


An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne

Set in 1839 the story takes place eleven years after the events in Arthur Gordon Pym (Edgar Allan Poe’s 1838 novel and an inspiration for Verne’s own book) and follows wealthy American Jeorling who has entertained himself with private studies of the wildlife on the Kerguelen Islands and is now looking for a passage back to the United States.

Captain Len Guy of the Halbrane reluctantly agrees to have Jeorling as a passage. Underway they discover the dead body of a sailor on a stray iceberg along with a note indicating the whereabouts of several survivors of Jane (the ship which rescued Poe’s titular character).

Captain Len’s personal connection to Arthur Gordon Pym’s story make him eager to find the missing crew members.

Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie

A collection of eleven short stories featuring Christie’s most iconic Belgian detective, Monsieur Poirot, and his friend Captain Hastings on a series of fascinating cases.


Laputa: A Castle in the Sky (1986)

Being the very first production of the Studio Ghibli it follows a young boy (Pazu) and a girl (Sheeta) who owns a magic crystal as they race against pirates and foreign agents in search of a legendary floating castle.

Mulan (2020)

Being more faithful to the Ballad of Mulan than its animated counterpant the film follows Hua Mulan who disguises herself as male warrior and participates on the war against the invading Rourans in order to save her frail father.

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