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June Favourites 2020


N’oubliez jamais – Joe Cocker

It’s the almost magical appeal of romantic songs like this one that makes me want to travel back in time and live during those glorious and authentic years.

Say What you Want – Texas

Strong-willness and romance go hand in hand. And even though it’s less painful when we listen to reason, there is something utterly fascinating about following your heart know matter what.

Un homme et une femme – Francis Lai

A man and a woman. That’s all that is required for sparks to fly and a love story to begin.

Καμιά δεν μοιάζει με σένα μάτια μου – Γιάννης Πλούταρχος

When you fall deeply in love with someone you love every aspect of them, both the good and the bad. Your person becomes so vital that no one, even the most beautiful and intelligent, can compare to them.


Emma (2020)

Based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name the film follows Emma Woodhouse, a beautiful, clever and rich young woman, who interferes in the love lives of her friends with disastrous outcomes.

Tv series

Noragami (2014-2016)

Hiyori Iki is a normal middle school student who becomes involved in the world of demons and gods after a bus accident while trying to save Yato, a nameless god without a shrine.


Venus Beach Bar

Neoi Poroi, Pieria, Greece

Recently I visited the beach with a couple of friends and had the most amazing experience. Besides the clear crystal-blue waters and the serenity of the landscape, a tropical tone was also offered through the light music playing in the background and the charming cocktail selection.

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