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November Favourites 2019


Όλα δικά σου μάτια μου – Γιάννης Πουλόπουλος

This song by one of the most favourite Greek artists of the 20th century talks about love and what is like to share such a deep connection to someone that his pain and suffering is also your own

I Won’t Tell A Soul – Charlie Puth

Falling in love with someone who is already in a relationshp can be a sad, painful experience and this song describes it perfectly.

Καίγομαι και σιγολιώνω – Δημήτρης Υφαντής

A traditional Greek song that talks about unrequited love and the aching which is brought along. Such a heavy but also great musical choice.

Reality – Richard Sanderson

If you are a big dreamer like myself then you are bound to love this 1980’s song about love and following your dreams.

Sugar Baby Love – The Rubettes

What other word can be found to describe this 1974 cheerful bubblegum pop song except perfection?

Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

This 2015 song was inspired by Meghan Trainor’s dream of a loved one dying and makes you realise that the we should never take for granted the time we spent with the people we care about.


Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarō (2018)

A Japanese animated high fantasy film centered on young girl from a legendary long-living tribe who, after the destruction of her homeland, finds an orphaned newborn male infant and decides to raise him as her own. I admit without shame that I sobbed while watching Maquia trying to be a good mother for Eriel and his disdain for her sacrifices.

The Lost Valentine (2011)

A TV journalist is intrigued by an elderly woman’s story and decides to help her find out what happened to her naval aviator husband who was declared MIA during World War II. The film’s message about long-lasting love is an aspect I greatly enjoyed and made me long for that kind of relationship.

Cats, Witchcraft and the Black Plague by Disney Vintage Halloween

An excerpt of the Disneyland episode “The Great Cat Family” which focuses on the superstition about cats and witchcraft. Very educational for the fellow feline lovers out there.


Rhea. Y

A young woman from Philippines who lives and works in Japan portrays her simple life while giving advice for a more quality life. A perfect example that life’s importance is found within simplicity.


This German lady with a love for Frank Sinatra (hence the name) and everything vintage related was my most recent discovery and I am incredibly happy I stumbled upon such an retro aesthetic channel.


Block 89

It is typical for college students to go on coffee meetings after the lectures and practicals are over. While on one such meeting with my close friend we came upon this aesthetic café with the perfect music setting and cute little coffee cups. And to add to it’s uniqueness we soon found out that a good female college aquaintance of ours works there.

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