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Lifestyle Monthly Favourites

September Favourites 2019


Chain Reaction – Diana Ross

This is a 80’s R&B song written by the Bee Gees and sung by Diana Ross, with sexual hints. I loved the melody and the lyrics sounded so erotic to my ears…

Mad World – Imagine Dragons

Originally sung in 1982 by Tears of Fears this cover by Imagine Dragons emphasizes the lyrics with ballad-type of way that makes it far better than the original (in my not so hymble opinion).

Just A Dream – Carrie Underwood

A 2008 country song which although uplifting in the beginning takes a sadder turn at the end. A lovely piece of music nontheless…


Olympea by Paco Rabane

Olympea by Paco Rabane is an oriental flowery perfume that launched in 2015 with top notes of mandarin, water jasmine and ginger flower. It smells sweet without being too much which makes it a perfect choice…

Pour Femme Intense by Dolce & Gabbana

Pour Femme Intense was launhed in 2013 with top notes of green mandarin and neroli is flowery and oriental while simultaneously smelling like Christamas candy. No wonder how it became a favourite…

Tresor In Love by Lancome

Launched in 2010 Tresor in Love is a fruity and flowery perfume with top notes of bergamut, pink pepercorns, pear and nectarine. I was always intrigued by this perfume and I have finally decided to try it myself. I truthfully confess that I was not disappointed…


Choco Gelato

Choco Gelato was one of the little gems I found while vacationing in Scarpanto when in need for my sweet treat. It offers a wide variety of Italian ice creams as well as other handmade pastries.


Perdica is a traditional tavern at Menetes, Scarpanto. I had an amazing dinner there with my parents and maternal cousins trying all the local specialties, inluding macarounes and garlic bread while sipping a glass wine and later three shots of raki.


Fairytale is a cafe with velvet armchairs, delicious sweets and a fairytale themed decor that travels you to Wonderland and other magical places. It is without a doubt a worthy addition to my favourite cafes of all times

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Lifestyle Thea's Diary

Recalling my Summer as a Food Technologist

Hello dear Reader and welcome back to my blog!

Just a few weeks away from beginning my third year of college and I find myself contemplating the recently finished summer. Or, to be more precise, the two months I’ve spent working as a food technologist in quality control at a flour milling industry.

I know that might sound confusing to you. After all how can a college student get a job in the study field she hasn’t even got her degree on?

Well to answer your question, I found this job position thanks to my father who works in the sales department at the same industry. I yearned for some work experience before my graduation to add in my CV and as a result I asked my father if I could apply for a job. He spoke to his boss on my behalf and after his boss made a review of my academic performance I was hired! You could say that I was a lucky girl …

So, after finishing my spring semester’s exams in late June I returned to my hometown Piraeus and started working officially on July 1st.

It was quite hard at the beginning I must admit. Despite my two years at college I still haven’t attend classes about grain quality control (which are in third year’s curriculum) and were required for such position. As a result I couldn’t get accustomed to some of the terminologies used and I struggled to prove my worth.

However, I found myself getting better and better as the days passed. I think it had mainly to do with my unexpected ease in the management of the different machines such as the amylograph, the farinograph and the alveograph. This, along with the many encouraging comments I received from my colleagues, gave me confidence in my own abilities.

And guess what? Your girl managed to master every little aspect of that job in just a two- months time. Sounds impossible but I guarantee it’s 100% true.

That brings us to another important factor I want to talk about: the working environment

When I first began working I expected a strick and apathetic workplace with serious people minding their own business and showing no interest in anything or anyone else. I can only blame the industry’s big company vibes for that …

To say I was wrong would be an understandment. I was pleasantly surprised to meet friendly and decent people who were kind enough to lend me a helping hand when I needed it without judging my lack of experience. I made a lot of acquaintances during my time there and had amazing conversations that I will cherish for many years to come.

All in all, my summer experience as a food technologist had a profound effect on me. Not only did I work in my study field and gained wonderful insights into one of my future courses but also earned a good amount of money and met wonderful people.

If you happen to be a college student who has the opportunity to work in his/hers study field before acquiring his/her degree I urge you to take that chance! By doing so you will receive useful knowldege along with work experience and a good salary. And bonus if you are an introvert like myself working can also help you improve your social skills and expand your acquaintance list.

Until next time!



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Lifestyle Monthly Favourites

August Favourites 2019


My First My Last My Everything – Barry White

A classic 80’s song by the Sultan of the Bedroom, the one and only Barry White. Appeared on my Youtube recommended videos and from the moment I (thankfully) decided to hear it I find myself humming it from time to time.

Woman In Love – Barbra Streisand

This is literally my most favorite romantic song of all times! It was the song accompanying a fan video about the film Sahara (also included in this post scroll down for more info) I accidentally found when researching the film. I have to say that I I listen to it every day for hours, without getting bored.

Can’t Take My Eyes of Off You – Gloria Gaynor

Apparently this month the music was mostly 80’s inspired. Now this song first came to my attention in the famous scene with Heath Ledger singing it in 10 Things I Hate About You. Even though I knew the song I had never listened to Gloria Gaynor’s cover before and I’m so glad I did for it became my favorite version.

Señorita – Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Seriously this song plays in every radio station out there all the time and yet no one gets annoyed or even bored by it. Certainly not me cause since the day I heard it I found myself thinking of dancing in the beach under the moonlight while sipping some Tequila Sunrise with my dance partner.

Tamally Maak – Amr Diab

I recently heard this song and became obsessed with it due to it’s exotic elements and how much it reminded me of Egypt (aka one of the best countries and ancient civilizations ever to exist). It is a love song of course but such a unique one that makes you dream of desert locations and handsome princes (or princesses).

TV Series

Lucifer (2015-)

After a ridiculously long break in watching television series, Lucifer came to bring me out of it. The show focuses on the Devil himself after he leaves Hell and moves to Los Angeles where he opens a bar and becomes a partner of the L.A.P.D homicide detective Chloe Decker with whom he is smitten. Needless to say how many times Lucifer’s wit and charisma made me question my morality and belief of God…


Sahara (1983)

This is a 1983 adventure movie staring Brooke Shields and Lambert Wilson that I simply couldn’t resist. After her father dies in a racing vehicle practice young Dale participates in the Sahara race to save his dream only to get caught up with a Bedouin tribal war. Although the setting takes place in 1927 a certain 80s vibe is present throughout the film and made it hard not to love it.

Lion King (2019)

I am must admit with great shame that I never watched the original animated classic. I knew it was a popular one but for some reason I kept it out of my movie list. But then the live action happened and I found myself in the cinema with one of my closest friends singing Hacuna Matata, laughing at all the funny parts and even crying during Mufasa’s death (the first time I cried in the cinema). To say it was an amazing experience would be an understandment.


Mrs Midwest

This is definetely one of the Youtube channels I never expected to enjoy! Not because the content is mediocre (on the contrary it is superb and well structured) but because I felt it was so out of my character. That was of course before I came upon this beautiful lady and listened to her talk about femininity and tradiotional homemaking lifestyle. Cause once I did I finally embraced my feminine side and I now strive to become a better version of a lady.

Jonna Jinton

Now this lady brings out some truly magical vibes! Living in a small village in the north of Sweden after having abandoned the city life she shares her art and photography along with the simple joys of living close to nature. Such a unique lifestyle is she portraying that makes you redefine your whole world view.

Jessica Vill

Another wonderful lady with a distinctive lifestyle focusing on vintage revival from clothes and furniture to beauty and entertainment. Her passion speaks to my own vintage aesthetic and makes me glad to have discovered her channel.

What was in your own list of favourites for the month August? Let me know in the comments below…

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