Christmas Movies You Should Watch This Year

Hello my dear friends! Christmas is fast approaching and there is nothing better than having a cozy evening at home with a good holiday movie.

So grab your favourite warm beverage and let’s check out some amazing Christmas movies that you should definitely watch this year…

1. Christmas Catch (2018)

Detective Mackenzie Bennett is hot on the trail of Carson, a suspected diamond thief, and goes undercover to catch him in the act. While undercover, Mackenzie begins falling for him and suspects that he’s been framed for the theft.

Is Mackenzie’s love for Carson clouding her judgement or are they focusing on the wrong suspect?

With a female detective awkward at dating, a diamond theft and Christmas at the background, this film is a distinctive movie choice that differs from the usual Christmas recipe.

2. Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

Hanna is a nurse in the 1940s that gets involuntary transported in time to 2016. As she wakes up in a very different world than her own, Hanna meets new people that teach her that family bonds and Christmas are truly timeless.

This is truly a heartfelt movie with fantasy and historical elements and a very admirable female role model as a lead.

3. A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

An ordinary young boy called Nikolas sets out on an extraordinary adventure into the snowy north in search of his father who is on a quest to discover the fabled village of the elves, Elfhelm. Taking with him a headstrong reindeer called Blitzen and a loyal pet mouse, Nikolas soon meets his destiny.

With a wonderfully talented cast this endearing film shows us how the beloved gift-giving bearded figure of Christmas came to be.

4. A Castle for Christmas (2021)

Sophie Brown is a famed American author who travels to Scotland and finds herself wanting to buy a castle, but the prickly owner, a Scottish Duke named Myles, is reluctant to sell to a foreigner. Working to find a compromise, the pair constantly butt heads, but along the way they just may find more than they bargained for.

Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes are the ultimate Chsristmas couple. With beautiful shots of Scotland and quirky side characters that make you smile, this Chsristmas film featuring Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes is a modern fairytale for all romantics to enjoy…

5. Christmas at Maple Creek (2020)

When romance novelist Diana learns that Maple Creek, a charming pioneer village, is struggling to stay afloat, she uses her notoriety to help generate interest in the town by sponsoring a Christmas gala. The event allows visitors to experience Christmas the way the pioneers did.

Diana rallies her family and friends to pitch in, but she’s challenged at every turn by the village blacksmith and town historian Carter. Sparks fly as the two must work together to save the village in time for Christmas. But when Diana’s secret crush, Greg surprises her at Maple Creek the night before the big Christmas gala, she’s conflicted by her feelings and must take a page out of her novels to figure out her true “Happily Ever After.”

A 19th century-themed village, a romance writer and a blacksmith with a hard-exterior make up for a Jane Austen inspired Christmas story…

6. One Starry Christmas (2014)

Aspiring astronomy professor and Christmas enthusiast Holly is crushed when her longtime boyfriend Adam schedules a business trip and leaves her alone over the holidays, but when she decides to surprise both Adam and her parents with a Christmas visit, fate–or perhaps the Christmas spirit–intervenes. Holly’s bumpy holiday travel makes a turn onto the road to romance when she and her bus companion Luke forge an instant connection over their love of constellations and Christmas.

In the spirit of the season, Holly invites Luke and his brother Bull to join her family and Adam for Christmas, which instantly creates a competition between Luke and Adam for Holly’s attention. As sparks fly like shooting stars between Holly and Luke, will Holly decide to play it safe and stay with Adam or to thank her lucky stars for the Christmas gift of romance with Luke?

A Christmas enthusiast and a handsome cowboy meeting on the bus, constellations and Christmas at New York come together to create a sweet Christmas movie that cheers everyone up…

7. Shoelaces for Christmas (2018)

After an altercation with her ailing mother, self-absorbed teenager Jennifer inadvertently stumbles into a local homeless shelter late one evening. Upset with his daughter’s selfish attitude, Jennifer’s father offers an ultimatum which includes her volunteering at the shelter in the hope she will learn to be responsible and compassionate toward others. Through this new experience Jennifer creates an unlikely bond with both the staff and one very special young guest, which leads her to a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.

Last but definitely not least, is the most heartwarming film I’ve watched in years. With a focus on family and love, Jennifer’s interactions with the kids at the shelter was

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