Lifestyle Monthly Favourites

February Favourites 2021


Sen Gelmez Oldun – Alihan Samedov

I am so much in love with this exotic & atmospheric song! I heard it while driving and I cannot stop thinking of it ever since.

Sunset in AegeanDim Angelo & Alez Mihalakis ft. Christos Papadopoulos

Based on the song Archipelagos performed by Paschalis Terzis this outstanding instrumental adaptation brings a more modern and relaxing tone while maintaining the melody of the origianl song.

My Jamaican Dream – Ian Ikon ft. Maria Zlatani

Another atmospheric song with summer vibes that is ideal to listen while relaxing by the beach while sipping a cold beverage.

New Light – John Mayer

This 2018 song by the talented John Mayer has the unique ability to cheer me up whenever I feel down while also restoring my motivation levels.

The Safety Dance – Men WIthout Hats

Ok this remix is the ultimate party song. Based on the 1982 song by Men Without Hats it brings a more celebrational vibe and it’s the perfect option for a fun club eperience (or an entrance to the mall).


The Mysterious Islland by Jules Verne

After hijacking a balloon from a Confederate camp, a band of five northern prisoners escapes the American Civil War. Seven thousand miles later they drop from the clouds onto an uncharted volcanic island in the Pacific.

Through teamwork, scientific knowledge, engineering and perseverance, they endeavour to build a colony from scratch. But this island of abundant resources has its secrets. The castaways discover they are not alone.

A shadowy, yet familiar, agent of their unfathomable fate is watching…

The Ingredients of Love by Nicolas Barreau

On a gloomy Friday in November, when Parisian restaurateur Aurelie Bredin is feeling depressed after a breakup, she discovers a novel entitled ‘The Smiles of Women’ in a quaint bookshop on the Ile-St.-Louis.

Astonishingly, her restaurant and she herself are featured in its pages. After reading the entire book in one night, Aurelie wishes more than anything to meet the author of the novel because she is convinced that, without even realising it, he has saved her life.

However, her wish proves to be a difficult, almost impossible, endeavour…


Christy Anne Jones

Christy’s channel has become one of my top 3 youtube channels of all time. Her videos cover topics such as books, writing, daily life and other creative things that are presented in a very interesting way.


Charlie D. Brasserie

Komninon 10, 54624, Thessaloniki, Greece

Recently I visited Thessaloniki (a city in Northern Greece) and I discovered this cute brasserie just a few steps away from the hotel in which I was staying. With pink aesthetic and a Parisian taste it stood out from other nearby shops and it pffered a great selection of dishes for breakfast/brunch.

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