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September Favourites 2021


What You Won’t Do For Love – Bobby Caldwell

This smooth jazz song became Bobby Caldwell’s signature song and is an excellent sample of the music in the late 1970’s.

All in Perspective – Frenic

This amazing remix is taken from a love ballad featured on the Greek movie ”That Summer” and gives it a more modern approach while still preserving it’s romantic feel.

Don’t Shut Me Down – ABBA

It came as great surprise when ABBA announced their reunion after 35 years of being inactive. Don’t Shut Me Down is a wonderful disco song which features tuneful elements from the 1980s while mutating into something quirky and wholesome.

Talking to the Moon – Bruno Mars

Taken from Bruno Mars’ debut album this R&B sentimental ballad talks about solitude and sadness, especially after a failed relationship.


Michael Strogoff by Jules Verne

Michael Strogoff, a 30-year-old native of Omsk, is a courier for Tsar Alexander II of Russia. The Tartar Khan (prince), incites a rebellion and separates the Russian Far East from the mainland, severing telegraph lines.

Rebels encircle Irkutsk, where the local governor, a brother of the Tsar, is making a last stand. Strogoff is sent to Irkutsk to warn the governor about the traitor Ivan Ogareff, a former colonel, who was once demoted and exiled and now seeks revenge against the imperial family.


Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

A WWII era nurse is transported in time to 2016 and meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family and that the true meaning of Christmas is timeless.

The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

After a stray cat adopts Zachary, he meets Marilee and realizes the single life is not as fulfilling as he thought it was.

Christmas Oranges (2012)

Rose, a young orphan girl, was left at Greenwoods Orphanage, where Mrs. Hartley and the children under her care become her family. But when tragedy strikes, Rose loses the only home she has ever known and is abruptly shipped to Irongates — a place that seems as cold and cruel as her previous home was kind.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)

During the late 1960’s the Draytons’ attitudes are challenged when their daughter returns home from her Hawaiian vacation and introduces them to her African-American fiancé.


i Mikri Vivliofagos

I stumbled upon this lovely Greek lady while searching for book-related videos to watch. Her channel is a cozy nook for bibliophiles and each of her reviews is presented in a detailed way without tiring the viewer.


Sloppy Joe American Bar & Grill

Marina Zeas, 18536 Piraeus, Greece

Sloppy Joe is an american-style bar which offers an incredible selection of cocktail and food options in reasonable prices. It is a must if you love colourful environments and neon signs.

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